But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD's love is with those who fear him and his righteousness with their children's children . . . Psalm 103:17

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Last week's pony rides and yet another cold(!!!)

Jadia and Victoria introduce David to a new friend
David was so ecstatic and brave to ride with Victoria! (He was staying with her family during our recent illness.)

Tiny Gracie just got her oxygen tubing off before heading out the door for pony rides. Marmi helps out!

A bittersweet picture: the cannula makes me sad, but I'm SO glad Seth got to leave the house and have such a great time! He had a huge grin on his face most of the time, but Karen wasn't able to catch it on camera. Papa helped Seth stay on.

Seth and Papa again

Marmi with Marcie and Papa with Seth. You can see Papa carrying the oxygen concentrator over his shoulder. It's such a nifty, light-weight thing when only a little bit of oxygen is needed and Seth can breathe through his nose. Otherwise, we have to use the heavy-duty continuous flow oxygen from the clinic that comes in the clunky tanks. 
Which brings me to yet another item for fervent prayer: Seth has yet another cold. No, he hasn't been to daycare or nursery or exposed to others who are sick (that we know of). It just happens. I feel my throat getting a bit scratchy, too, and so many people have said they are just going from cold to cold to cold this time of year. I was soooooooooo hoping this last virus was the end of it for us. Lord willing, this will be just a minor one and Seth will sail through (Gracie too!) without needing oxygen. It all depends on the part of the anatomy the virus tends to attack. [You know how some colds are the stuffy-head kind only while others are deep chest cough colds? Seth and Grace do not do well with the latter kind.]

Thanks for praying!

Love and gratitude,

Yesterday's fun at Debbie's house

The Hokey-Pokey is a huge hit with the quints, especially the "yay!" at the end. Kaitlyn is a great leader.
I love the huge camera around David's neck. Gavin says he seems to always have some sort of accoutrement!

David and Seth putting on a puppet show

Will asks Debbie to take his picture and show him.
He must realize he's pretty cute stuff. :)
Is Mommy Marcie on the phone?
Marcie and baby again

Thanks for praying for Gavin's trip

It went really well, quite a bit shorter than planned. That made me (and Gavin, and the guys he was flying/hiking with) very happy! One village had been nearly wiped out by flooding recently, so instead of the 300 or so people expected, there were only 10 people there. The rest had moved away to find work and food. The gardens had been virtually all destroyed by landslides. So sad. :( The government is supposed to be flying in rice and other food supplies, so we hope and pray that happens soon or already has happened.

The other two areas were more populated and the guys were able to get some good language data. Sleeping in a bush house with a fire pit in the middle and no ventilation whatsoever was definitely not Gavin's favorite, but he had a good attitude and survived. He was also served taro, a tuber/root with a very strange flavor, which he had to choke down. We think it's pretty gross stuff. I guess it's good the Lord hasn't asked us to be translators out in the bush!!

Twin mommies with twin babies

Monday, April 13, 2015

Please pray for my trip.

Over the next three days, I will be flying three guys from a mission called "Finisterre Vision" to a couple language areas in PNG that are pretty much unknown.  The men are new to the country and are looking for a place where Bible translation, literacy, and Gospel teaching are not happening so that they can start doing just that.  I will be taking them to various villages where we will spend time with the people and discovering what we can about their spiritual, language, and educational status and needs.  Since so little is known about these areas and people, there is much unknown, such as where to land? Which village is key?  Where will we stay, etc?  Please pray that the light of Christ shows through our words and actions and that the people to whom we are relating would get an understanding of the purpose of our trip, and above all, God's purpose for them.

Thank you!


A picture worth many words of praise!

PRAISE GOD: No oxygen tubing! Both have been off oxygen since Sunday morning (our time). I love Isaac's photo-bomb in the background! Gracie's giving me her cold shoulder because she didn't want me to take a picture. :)

This is what we found tonight. Marcie climbed out of her crib into Gracie's toddler bed. (Grace is the only one in a bed so far. She was ready!) 

Yesterday I asked Marcie who she loved more: Gracie or Mommy. With her darling grin she said, "Gacie!" Gracie is her absolute favorite, hands-down. Marcie had to repeatedly hug and kiss her before bed last night. "I haf'a kiss Gacie. I haf'a hug Gacie. I haf'a kiss Gacie 'gain." (Translation: I have to kiss/hug Gracie again.) Gracie just giggled.

Often when Marcie gets something she'll say she needs to get one for "Gacie" too: a diaper, a dress, a cup, a bowl, a snack, a toy, a pacifier, a blanket, whatever!

Gracie DID object to Marcie suctioning her with a bulb syringe when her nose was so plugged. Marcie offered several times . . . 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

No news means good news (and Mom is too sick to blog)

Yesterday was a bad day for me, health wise. It hurt to move and do even the simplest tasks. I just felt SICK. I went to bed ASAP instead of writing an update. Feeling so miserable gave me so much more empathy for my formerly miserable kiddos! However, they were all doing better yesterday and Will came home very happily.

Today was an even better day for everyone. Gavin got to do a really cool series of helicopter shuttles, moving three new families (including 7 toddlers!) into their village location; Gracie has been off oxygen nearly all day; Gracie, Seth and David rode on a pony (Will and Marcie were too nervous, which shocks me!) - pictures will follow at some point; and this evening Seth was running around playing in the yard for a few hours off oxygen. He was SO happy and excited! What a joy to see our kids coming back to normal. Isaac continues to be his happy, helpful self, running and fetching for me and holding needy babies. He's such a loving big brother.

Oh, and I'm a LOT better, too! :) I know Gavin is very excited about that. However, my arms are still really weak and achy, so I'm not lifting babies or hanging laundry. They have to come sit on my lap once I'm seated. Because competition for Mom's time/lap is pretty fierce and Mom isn't up to much, I'm not planning on getting David until Sunday or Monday. I MISS HIM! Here are some cute photos of him with the kitty where he's living. [He cried when his "older brother," a Senior, went to school on Friday. :) He just LOVES them so much!]

He not only brings the kitty food . . . 
. . . he hand-feeds the kitty!

He also gives the kitty books to read

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones

Gavin, Carrie, Isaac, Will, David, Marcie, Seth, & Grace Jones